Suzy has been such a huge asset to the organisation. She has helped us with governance, a fundraising dinner and volunteer management. She has many skills which we have benefitted from and always goes above and beyond the role to ensure the charity prospers. I always feel things are in safe hands when Suzy is involved.
Cassie Ozer, CEO, March of the Living
The way in which you took on the role was so filled with emotional intelligence and administrative expertise that I felt you’d be doing it forever! Thank you so much for the conversations, direction, support and the outstanding evenings which you organised. They were all so memorable…. Excellent speakers articulately presenting essential information. Unmissable! And I will miss you! But wish you huge hatzlochah in your next project… they are so lucky to have you.
Janice, Tutor for the Marriage Enhancement Programme (MEP)
Oh wow Suzy! Can't believe you are leaving 😢!! In the few interactions I have had with you I have been so impressed by your warmth, insight and down to earth practical approach! It was a huge job to "step into" ...or rather have thrust upon you...and you embraced it with grace and rose to the challenge magnificently!!! You made an effort to learn all aspects of the job and you made a supreme effort to interview and get to know everybody mean feat!! So wishing you every success in whatever lies ahead!! Know you will be great whatever it is!!
Ruthie, Tutor for the Marriage Enhancement Programme (MEP)
Thank you so much Suzy.
We think you are tremendous and so appreciate everything you have done and grateful that you have always been available for us.
It has been such a pleasure to have worked with you and I have enjoyed the professional, efficient and diplomatic way that you apply yourself to everything.
The time has passed so quickly and I will miss you as our Project Worker.
Trisha Curtis, Manager, JBCS
Suzy Richman is professional, organised, totally committed and UNBELIEVABLY PATIENT!
Antony Lishak, Founder & Chief Educational Consultant, Learning from the Righteous
Suzy's capacity to assess a situation, determine the best strategy to achieve the right objectives, and to work effectively to implement that strategy, is exemplary. She is an exceptional asset to any endeavour.
Ian Myers, Director, Ethical Communications
Suzy and I worked together on Yom HaShoah UK, organising the National Commemoration with over 4,000 attendees and several dignitaries.
Suzy is a phenomenal organiser who would be an asset for any project. She's a great team player and gets on with the job in hand to complete the tasks. Suzy was always quick in offering solutions and implemented tasks using her initiative.
I do hope I will get the opportunity to work with her again.
Matti Fruhman, Director, Yom HaShoah UK
During her interim assignment with the Board of Deputies, Suzy offered professionalism, sound advice and extensive experience. She fitted in straight away and got on with the job in hand.
It was an absolute pleasure to have Suzy as part of the team and her contribution proved invaluable.
If you are looking for a 'hero of the hour' - then Suzy is the one.
Gillian Merron, CEO, The Board of Deputies of British Jews
It was a great pleasure to work closely with Suzy Richman for more than seven years.  Suzy is capable, reliable and highly experienced, a real ‘doer' who treats every challenge as an opportunity to which she brings a fresh and constructive approach.
Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, Chief Executive Officer, University Jewish Chaplaincy
We have worked in collaboration with Suzy Richman Consulting who are a professional, reliable and flexible consultancy service ensuring that they understand the business and culture of clients in order to deliver and meet client expectations.
Delia Goldring, Director, Performance Options Limited